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Torsten Fabricius-4
Hello Tikians,

I have two use cases in mind, where I want to connect Tiki Trackers and eMail and ask for some feedback.

1.) creating tracker item by submitting an eMail

I want to be able to create tracker items by eMailing to the system or to a connected IMAP/POP3 account, similar as we use it to connect the dev-list to the Tiki forums via a POP3 account.

Idea is to collect court desicions in a way that members of our NPO submit via eMail with about
  • a sender/contributor eMail field
  • a textfield for the topic
  • a textarea for the email content

A submitted eMail get's a pending state, can be reviewed, deleted or get status open or closed

2.) sending eMails with tracker or pretty tracker or similar

We use mailing lists with fully text based administration (Majordomo).
Idea is to create fields to submit Majordomo commands like subscribe/unsubscribe etc. to the list and thus using Tiki as a Majordomo frontend to make certain tasks easier for non-tecchie users.

Replys of the list still go to the users eMail adress - no reply to the Tracker / Tiki required

I a halfway there: it is possible to send from the users set contact eMail autofetched fro the logged in user to the lists adress.
Problem is, that Majordomo does not recognise the commands, as I assume the command is not sent in the very first line of the email body, or the tracker might send HTML code even when plain text is set.

I am looking for some ideas, comments, pointers. It is not a major project or any emergency, but it is a quite long expected nice to have, respectively would ease some processes in the NPO for a foreseeable time.

Best regards

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