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Dinoj Surendran
Hello everyone,

I'm using tikiwiki for a summer school for about a hundred people, and
would like to set up surveys for a group without people in that group
being able to view the results of the surveys. (Yes, it's an*l, I
know... orders from above)

Anyway, when I set the permissions of the group to tiki_p_take_survey
 (and not to tiki_p_view_survey_stats or tiki_p_admin_surveys),
people in the group cannot even take the survey.  (Is this a bug in
tikiwiki or in me?)

If I set permissions to both  tiki_p_take_survey
and tiki_p_view_survey_stats then people can take surveys and view the

Advice or pointers to documentation will be appreciated.

Dinoj Surendran
Somewhere in Chicago...

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