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[Tiki-devel] Tracker item Link (or else) to duplicate a field content.

Bernard Sfez-3

I’m trying to find a workaround to an issue with the pluginList/pluginLisExecute and tracker item title. (another email)

Name is a tracker item with a tracker field type text that has a value. (fieldId 132)
Title is a tracker field that should grab the value from field above value in the same tracker item and displays it, a kind of duplicate. (fieldId 133)

Tracker field type item link should do that BUT it keep showing me a dropdown of all the value for all the tracker items instead of picking the one of this item I’m editing.

In the item link parameter I set as follow;
Preselect item based on value in this field (Preselect item based on value in specified field ID of item being edited) : 132
Preselection matching method (Method to use to match fields for preselection purposes) : Exact Match

Something is wrong in the help text or a bug… ?

Bernard Sfez | bsfez.com

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