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Arild Berg
I have had some problems with hanging web pages.
Though not 100% sure yet, I believe it has been narrowed down to Ajax calls and starting PHP sessions.
The asynchronous ajax calls cause file locking of the session file.

This lead me into checking out using PHP sessions in the database.
In tiki-admin.php?page=general#contentadmin_general-2, the option Session storage location lists Default (from php.ini), which is typically File.
Database and MemCache are also listed as options.

After setting the database option, I expected the file locking issue to be solved, but no.
Tiki does seem to store session data in the tiki_sessions table. However, Zend sessions are also started (in tiki-setup-base).
The Zend sessions only seem to support the php.ini settings for the sessions (which in my case is File).

A bit of further checking showed that the standard PHP call session_start() is also used several placed.

The status seems to be that Tiki currently only supports the php.ini defined session storage.

I am able to avoid the hanging web pages, by avoiding the page with multiple ajax calls.

The status for PHP session management in Tiki seems to be incomplete.
session_start() calls should possibly be replaced with Zend session start calls.
Database (and memcache) storage options should be added to the Zend sessions.

... thought I'd inform the community about my observations, and maybe get some comments.


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