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Bernard Sfez-3
Hello Tikiers,

We had a discussion about the Tiki Community Meeting and I personally contact some of you (active members not joining us).

From discussion I had I would like to add a very important details about the way we schedule the meeting we have.

The idea behind using the plugin convene is not to set the time ONLY the majority can meet, but to see also what is every one possible time and adjust from time to time to set a meeting (extra or regular) where we can have people that availability are not the same as the most.

That’s the way Democracy (should ;) ) work, the majority count for more but minorities are included in the process.
And for sure that’s the way it work with Tiki !

So all are welcomed to add their time at : https://tiki.org/Roundtable+Meeting+2017+04#When for our next Roundtable the 20 of April 2017.
If your time doesn’t fit for the next meeting we will know at last what time will fit for another one or it may also shift the next meeting time as some people have more flexibility than the other.

Hope to see you there.

Have a nice week-end,
Bernard Sfez | bsfez.com

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