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[Tiki-devel] Tag for typos (RE : Commit tags, another round :))

Cloutier, Philippe (RESSOURCE EXTERNE)
The tag (if any) to use for a typo depends on the effect. If the typo caused a bug, then [FIX] is warranted. If it merely corrects code formatting or a code comment, then the commit should be tagged [REF].

De : luciash [[hidden email]]
Envoyé : 30 janvier 2017 04:31
À : Tiki developers
Objet : Re: [Tiki-devel] Commit tags, another round :)

I think if you just fix a typo only or do a code reformatting it does not necessarily need to be in the changelog.txt so you just commit with message "just a typo" or "code reformatting only" without any tagging...


On 30.1.2017 7:46, Bernard Sfez wrote:

I had some discussions outside the list about tags and came to me a simple question after getting several advises.

When committing one MUST use only the tag from this list : https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Commit%20Code&pagenum=2#Step_5:_Commit_Your_Changes ?
Or he can set any tag relevant if missing ?

* When updating code from Google for Google analytic = [UPD]
* Adding removing space or tab = [TYPO]
* Reverting [REV]

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