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[Tiki-devel] Solved (RE: dev.tiki.org menus broken)

Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant)
Hi luciash,

>De : luci [mailto:[hidden email]]
>Envoyé : 23 juillet 2017 15:08
>À : Tiki developers <[hidden email]>
>Objet : Re: [Tiki-devel] dev.tiki.org menus broken
>Someone needs to clear the Tiki cache (again)? Not sure what you mean by "engine cache".

The cache Tiki builds on the server. I had tried clearing and it didn't help, but the problem no longer occurs.

>Odesláno z mobilního zařízení / Sent from a mobile device
>>23. 7. 2017 v 20:23, Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant) <[hidden email]>:
>>I am unable to get any menu opened when either clicking or hovering the parent on dev.tiki.org from my laptop, whether from MSIE or Google Chrome. For example, clicking "Tiki Project Sites" has no effect.
>>Clearing engine cache does not help. Tiki currently at r63327. doc.tiki.org is not affected.
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