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Bernard Sfez-3
Hi Devs,

Registered is a group, but it is also any user registered in a Tiki.
From the admin-devs it is not always straightforward but then from the admin-webmaster point of view it can be totally wrong.

I have seen some confusion several time about it (when did we have a 2 hours discussion about it Marc ? :D).

Last in date, in mail notification, I have seen a Super User that set the group notification to be send to groupA, groupB and groupC.
Then he added the group "Registered" as it make sense for him.

But it wasn’t clear enough for him to understand that it mean that ALL the user or the Tiki (except admin as there is some rule to prevent him to be considered as registered) will received a notification.

In some case this can be very dangerous and lead to leakage of confidential data.
I believe it will hard and complicate to change the way Tiki is working and they will be many ideas about this.

However I think we can add some "warning" where we feel this is dangerous.
For exemple a remarks in the Mail Notification when group is enable: "If you select registered, all user will receives the notifications" will help to avoid problems.

Thought ?

Bernard Sfez | bsfez.com

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