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[Tiki-devel] July RoundTable is the 20th - Newsletter

Bernard Sfez-3

Our monthly meeting is the 20/07/2017, vote your time please !

Should want to discuss something, just add it on the topic list.


Our community has half-dozen (min) communication to spread every month.
Tiki has half-dozen (min :)) way to publish this communication.

Still we have troubles communicating Tiki news and announcement in general (Social Network, Tiki sites, Community - newsletter, etc)

Unfortunately our active members are pretty busy with many other task around Tiki and thanks to them we have a very performant and good release of Tiki.
We lack hands on this and we are looking for volunteers able to manage this and to make it happen.

It is one of the topic for our next RoundTable (https://tiki.org/Roundtable-Meeting-2017-07).
Please join us and help the community to improve.

Bernard Sfez | bsfez.com

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