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Jonny Bradley-4

Mainly for Ricardo i think, but via the dev list FYI's - i know you were looking at updating us to ZF3 at some point but i just found my local trunk was broken due to this (zend-captcha 2.x no longer working with zendservice-recaptcha 2.x)

Just wondering if this fix made sense to you, or did i do it wrong? (maybe i should have fixed the zend-captcha version at an earlier version, but this worked and was quicker ;)


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[UPD] recaptcha: Seems zend-captcha had updated itself to v2.7 and this was no longer compatible with zendservice-recaptcha which is stuck on v2.0, so the only option seems to be to update that to version 3.x (seems to work, but is odd)

By jonnybradley on 02/28/2017 13:28
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