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Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant)
After wondering how to name that new category, I ended up testing a more involved change which apparently works perfectly, so I'm letting it as is.

The new category is called just "Bug". Its description is:
Tickets reporting bugs. Some bugs reports can be categorized in more specific categories such as "Bug::Security" and do not *have* to be directly categorized in this category, but it is never an error to categorize a bug report in this category.

Previous bug categories are now subcategories of the new "Bug" category (and were renamed so the full path is not redundant).

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant)
> Envoyé : 17 juillet 2017 13:33
> À : Tiki developers <[hidden email]>
> Cc : Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant) <[hidden email]>
> Objet : dev.tiki.org issue tracker: category for bugs
> Hi,
> Our issue tracker has the following categories for bugs:
> Bug: Consistency
> Bug: Error
> Bug: Regression
> Bug: Security
> Bug: Usability
> Bug: conflict of two features (each works well independently)
> But it appears to lack a category for bugs in general. I am considering to create either "Bug: general" or
> "Bug". If anyone  opposes, please speak up.

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