[Tiki-devel] Creating a ClearOS app for Tiki, TRIM Revamp, RPMs, Composer: How to manage many Tikis?

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[Tiki-devel] Creating a ClearOS app for Tiki, TRIM Revamp, RPMs, Composer: How to manage many Tikis?

Marc Laporte-3
As a follow-up to "WikiSuite: ClearOS apps for Tiki, Elasticsearch &
Kibana, Syncthing, Openfire and Kimchi. And a two-factor
authentication app"

Ironically, we don't yet have a Tiki app for ClearOS. Actually, we
started one but never promoted it to becoming a full app:
https://github.com/clearos/app-tiki  and just used TRIM instead (or
manual SVN installs)

The Tiki use case is more tricky than the others:
1- Long Term Support vs regular updates
2- RPMs / DEBs / PPAs typically expect one copy of the software
running, while we almost always want to have many Tikis on the same
** Different projects (Although for this, we could use
https://doc.tiki.org/MultiTiki )
** For larger projects: the need for dev / testing / acceptance /
production (and sometimes fail-over) workflow + pre-dogfood servers:
3- If we want to officially be in the GNU/Linux distros, they
typically want us to use existing dependencies on the system (so their
copy of Zend Framework, not the one we ship in Tiki). Say hello to
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependency_hell and
http://pluginproblems.com/ !

There are a few different ways we could do this (TRIM, RPMs, Composer,
etc.) each with their strengths and weaknesses. Now that the other
WikiSuite apps are mostly done, this one is making its way to the top
of the priority list. One working scenario is to convert TRIM to use
the Symfony Console (that Tiki already uses), add a Bootstrap GUI,
integrate it tighter with Tiki console.php and distribute it as a phar
(in which case making an RPM is trivial). And thus, an eventual
ClearOS app would just install a Tiki Instance Manager, and from that,
one can install many Tiki instances . Here is the brainstorming page:
https://dev.tiki.org/TRIM+Revamp  ( I'd really appreciate your
thoughts there )

So it would be a local management tool, that can be remote controlled.
TRIM started as a remote management tool but can now do local
management. In which case, you want to use another tool to move
backups elsewhere. Like this:

All this needs to fit into a larger, longer term goal of a WikiSuite

Best regards,

Marc Laporte


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