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[Tiki-devel] Constant page scrolling up away from the area I'm working on

Bernard Sfez-3

I keep raising confusing interface issue…

Some feature using a command panel at the bottom with a filter search box like on categories or structures. (IE: tiki-edit_structure.php => Add page) are uneasy to work with.

Each use of the filter will reload the page at the top.

It is very confusing when you have a lot of categories or pages. Screen should stay at the same place and show the filtering result instead of moving the user away from where he was working.

Only me ?



Under Tiki 15 with a new Tikier I helped to do the following:
On a structure of 100 pages, add 10 new pages (some top level, some sub level)

It goes like this:

Go all the way down the page to access the "Add page" panel.
Filtering: inputing search text, hit enter to filter. ==> Page reload at the top
Go all the way down the get the filtering results.
Drag the right page to the bottom of the structure (it can’t be placed right where it is needed at first).
They Drag it to the right top structure save.

Only page added, he had to redo it 10 times.

It was pretty confusing for the new guy and I couldn’t try to find excuses about why Tiki interface is so inefficient  (2017 !!!). :(

Bernard Sfez | bsfez.com

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