[Tiki-devel] Commit messages stopped (was RE : SVN mailing list test)

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[Tiki-devel] Commit messages stopped (was RE : SVN mailing list test)

Cloutier, Philippe (RESSOURCE EXTERNE)
While this mailing list still works, it no longer receives mails when changes are committed. The last change announced was r61256, 2017-02-08 15:51:47.

I asked on Freenode's #sourceforge this morning:
 <chealer> hi. is there a known problem with Subversion commit mails? our tikiwiki-cvs mailing list has stopped receiving commit announces.

There was no message on the channel during the 15 hours since. Is there something which could have broken our commit hook?

De : Cloutier, Philippe (RESSOURCE EXTERNE) [[hidden email]]
Envoyé : 10 février 2017 22:10
À : CVS/SVN commits information
Objet : [Tikiwiki-cvs/svn] SVN mailing list test

This is a test to determine whether tikiwiki-cvs still relays mails. Some recent commits were not announced here.

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