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[Tiki-devel] Automatic link inside text if words = tracker items title

Bernard Sfez-3

On a Tiki16x that will store information on page and trackers;

In the text if words = tracker item title then it should turn into a link for this item.
ie: I have a tracker item with title = "Bug Bunny". When text is entered as below it should automatically turn into a link to the tracker item.

Carrots are eaten by rabbits. Bug bunny eat a lot of carrots.

1/ The hotwords way;

I recall we have Tiki Hotwords, but the doc look to me very poor (I think Hotword can do more than that) : https://doc.tiki.org/Hotwords
May be someone can share knowledge here ? (I’ll update the doc)

2/ The variable way using plugin List

Would it be possible to grab the string as a variable (or object name) ? (even manually to start with)

Then to turn it into a link that would go to a page set with a template with a pluginList;

{filter field="tracker_field_titler_text" exact="{{grabbed_text in the url}}"}


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