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[Tiki-devel] 30mn session before the next Roundtable

Bernard Sfez-3
Hello all,

The next Roundtable is Thursday the 16 of March 2017.

Even if the time is not set yet (please vote : https://tiki.org/Roundtable+Meeting+2017+03) I would like to organise a 30mn sessions prior it start so we can work together to fix some of the : https://dev.tiki.org/Community+items

30mn prior the session is a short amount of time and I hope people will found this extra time to help the community.

I will do preparation work:
- Check quick fix
- Check sample, instance and details are part of the item
- Have a selection ready so several team can fix several bugs in parallel

It will be good opportunity for those who don’t feel confident enough in committing to see live how it is done !
It is a good way to meet and have nice time before our RoundTable. 

Hope to see you there !

Bernard Sfez | bsfez.com

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