Tiki calendar: state of the feature in 1.9.0, events without a time, two Internet Explorer visual bugs

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Tiki calendar: state of the feature in 1.9.0, events without a time, two Internet Explorer visual bugs

Marc Laporte

For the past 3 months, I have been DogFooding the Tiki calendar for my
personal & work appointments. With dozens & dozens of commits in the
last few weeks (Thank you to SylvieG, rLeibman, mose, oHertel, jmJuzan,
tombombadilom & GaryGriffin), I feel that it is now (1.9.x) at a
usability & feature level where the Tiki calendar will finally pick up.
Also, I have started adding quite a few events to our calendar:

I hope our calendar can become a reference for not only all Tiki-related
events but also open source events in general (and we try to get members
of the Tiki community to participate in these events!). Then, this will
add incentive for some nice calendar sharing (RSS & iCal). Please add
any & all open source events to tikiwiki.org

Questions for my calendar & CSS gurus on this list:

How easy would it be to squeeze in events without a time in Tiki
calendar 1.9.1? It is most annoying to have to put start & end times
when we don't have that information (ex.: a conference in 2 months).
There are many things I want in the calendar. I wrote most of the
feature requests on http://tikiwiki.org/CalendarDev ;-). However, this
one seems to me like the last really annoying missing option for a
calendar which just gets the basic operation working smoothly.

Of course, I would like watch item, recurring appointments, email
reminders to participants, events assignable to Tiki categories, syncML,
ical, etc but those can wait for 1.10  :-)

Two layout problems in Internet Explorer that I think were solved (maybe
I saw this on IRC?) but the fixes have not been committed

1- There is still that annoying center column overlapping on right
column bug with Internet Explorer.

2- In the monthly view, in Firefox. The calendar has nice square boxes
for each day. It is clean & professional. However, in IE, each week is
only one line high if there are not enough events for the cells to
expand. This looks weird.


M ;-)

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