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Jonny Bradley-4
Hi Victor, replying via the dev list for wider fun! :)

I took most of the options for the filter param options from and that doesn't mention editable... (unless that bit was lost) although i must have seen to somewhere as i added it as a checkbox...

I added a tentative options list in r62135 - does that look right? And is it only available for tracker field filters, V?

Meanwhile, i've fixed most of the problems handling your example markup in r62134, a few line feeds are still getting lost but generally it's much more robust now, plus i added a try/catch to handle anything unexpected which will fall back to the source mode if the GUI can't handle it.

I'm still unhappy about how i'm finding the param definitions under the various cases of nesting and params that depend on other params, so have added a few more comments in there and hopefully i'll straighten all that out eventually.

So, i think it's time now to ask the community (we'll, the "dev" community) to try out your existing list plugin examples and let me know what breaks!

Happy listing! :)


> On 4 Apr 2017, at 08:36, Victor Emanouilov <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hi Jonny,
> Looking through the code and functionality of the new plugin editor. I see the following things:
> - very nice idea to check plugin params info and do some validation. Maybe you can add there the filter type hint like text, alpha, word, etc. and do the relevant JitFilter validation in services?
> - I see what you meant by using reflection to get plugin list options definition and ended up preparing the array yourself. Indeed, the search index code needs to be cleaned up in order to get this info from somewhere. We can think about some metadata added to the Query WikiBuilder and ValueFormatters or somewhere else where we actually define and use the list parameters and then get the editor definition from there. However, for now, it seems fine the way you did it. Maybe just add a note to Search_Query_WikiBuilder and Search_Formatter_ValueFormatter_Abstract that Services_Edit_ListPluginHelper needs to be updated whenever something changes here?
> - I noticed that the "editable" param type is checkbox in Services_Edit_ListPluginHelper. However, it really accepts the field edit mode as defined in Tracker\Filter\Collection and used in tabular tracker. We can either make it dropdown with all modes available (which will require a scan for getFilterCollection in Tracker\Field\* files) or just keep it text field.
> - pluginedit_list.js is very detailed and I didn't have time to review carefully. Looks good to me but I think we can just go on and fix the bugs as they come. For now, I have noticed one:
> Plugin body before edit:
>  {filter field="tracker_id" content="1"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_category" editable="any-of-checkboxes"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_bug_tracker_priority" editable="multiselect"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_bug_tracker_assignee" editable="content"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_singleUser" editable="content"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_bug_tracker_summary" editable="content"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_bug_tracker_description" editable="content"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_group" editable="content"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_checkbox" editable="dropdown"}
>  {filter field="tracker_field_country" editable="multiselect"}
> {OUTPUT()}
>        {DIV(class="h3")}{display name="summary"}{DIV}
>          {display name="category"}%%%
>          {display name="priority"}%%%
>          {display name="assignee"}
>  {FORMAT(name="summary")}{display name="tracker_field_bug_tracker_summary"}{FORMAT}
>  {FORMAT(name="category")}{display name="tracker_field_category" format="categorylist" singleList="y" separator=", "}{FORMAT}
>  {FORMAT(name="priority")}{display name="tracker_field_bug_tracker_priority" format="trackerrender" default="Unknown"}{FORMAT}
>  {FORMAT(name="assignee")}{display name="tracker_field_bug_tracker_assignee" format="trackerrender" default="none"}{FORMAT}
> List GUI screenshot attached. I think the field param for filter tags is missing and thus, this is the content when I switch to source:
> {filter field="tracker_id" content="1"}
> {filter editable="any-of-checkboxes"}
> {filter editable="multiselect"}
> {filter editable="content"}
> {filter editable="content"}
> {filter editable="content"}
> {filter editable="content"}
> {filter editable="content"}
> {filter editable="dropdown"}
> {filter editable="multiselect"}
> {OUTPUT()}
> {display name="category"}{display name="priority"}{display name="assignee"}{OUTPUT}
> {FORMAT( name="summary")}
> {display name="title"}{FORMAT}
> Something seems off here.
> This seems a tremendous amount of work, so glad you went through it - looks like it will be very helpful feature as even I had periods of time when I was confused what parameters should I use exactly for list plugin and not only that. I had to look up the code to check in that case - something that I think we will avoid now especially for project managers and advanced users setting up these pages.
> Regards,
> Victor
> <list_gui.png>

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