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Next Roundtable Meeting: topics (new profiles and profile search)

Xavier de Pedro (Tiki)

Hi all:

(sending to both developers and users' lists; sorry for cross posting but target recipients of this message are in both lists)

Next Tiki Roundable Meeting ("TRM", did you know the short url ?) is in less than 2 weeks,

I've been working in the last months every now and then in creating some profiles (or making updated versions in some cases) for several reasons:

* I needed some devs to easily reproduce some issues or have some working instances of the new features that were being developed (thanks Marc!) for some clients... (syntax of plugin list, plugin listexecute, enhancements to tracker field item link, sending emails with plugin tracker, self-subscribe to comments to objects other than forums, plugin PivotTable, demonstrate some features of maps, ...)

* I see some co-workers to learn how to use some features that we both needed to use for some clients

* I like the idea or lowering the steep learning curve in some cases in Tiki for potential new users reviewing Tiki as their candidate to implement their web app needs, etc.

I like the idea that we use some time of TRM to show the new features which are in development. So why not also introducing new profiles? (and the corresponding features, indirectly, they use, if you didn't know some of them)

Therefore, I'd like to briefly introduce some of these profiles in the next TRM: " Execute on List", "Work_Custom_Pricing", " GeoCMS_Maps" and " Bug_Tracker_15", in some time of the first hour. And get some discussion in the second hour on what would be the best way to facilitate searching profiles by features they use/demonstrate from within a Tiki installation.

Please, see:

Remember that we can adapt the number of topics and length once we know the other expected topics to be discussed (Tiki16-related?)

And choose the best time frame for the TRM, as usual.



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