Help needed for some non-dev tasks at YOUR Tiki Community

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Help needed for some non-dev tasks at YOUR Tiki Community

Xavier de Pedro (Tiki)
Oups, forgot to re-send to the Users list.

Help is needed at the Communication Team (see below), as well as in the front of Testing new tarballs when they are produced, and no developer skills are needed for any of those 2 areas where help is needed!
(just the will to help back the Tiki community that provided the software that you are using)



-------- Missatge reenviat --------
Assumpte: Re: [Tiki-devel] Tiki 15.2, Tiki 14.4 and Tiki 12.9 released !
Data: Fri, 8 Jul 2016 09:07:06 +0200
De: Xavier de Pedro [hidden email]
Respon a: Tiki developers [hidden email]
A: Tiki developers [hidden email]

Thanks Jonny.

Ricks99, we miss you!

Gezza, can you help with the release news article, similarly to what you did for the previous release?

Any one open to help the community by means of joining the "Communications Team"? No developer skills needed!

So far 3 people listed in that page:
  • Rick Sapir
  • Torsten Fabricius
  • Jan Bambach

but they might need some help (according to our past experience) so feel free to raise your hand to help with this important task.



El 07/07/16 a les 16:34, Jonny Bradley ha escrit:
Thanks for the mail Bernard,

Has anyone else tested these new tarballs?

If they're ok then i'll update the version notifier files (i see Softaculaous have spotted 12.9 and we should update the various channels about the new release...


On 6 Jul 2016, at 16:55, Bernard Sfez [hidden email] wrote:

Hello Tikiers,

We had security concern about Tiki 15.1, Tiki 14.3 and Tiki 12.8 and some critical fixes were promptly done.
Please check, test and update your Tikis accordingly to the version you are using.

Please report any problem so we can fix them too.

Cheers and BIG thanks to all the people that helped.


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Re: Help needed for some non-dev tasks at YOUR Tiki Community

I would like to help xavi, I am not a developer, I am a user.
John M.
Just learning enough Tiki to be dangerous!