Directing contributors to page creation in category via simple link

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Directing contributors to page creation in category via simple link

I was wondering, is there a way to create a link for a contributor to click on, then be directed a specific category for page creation?

Here is my scenario:

I have category portals, for each category I have page created explaining the purpose of the category, and that category page contains a list of pages created in that category, and files that were uploaded into the file category related to the category.

I also have a paragraph in each of the portal categories that looks like this:
"Create a project in the Education category by clicking on Create a Wiki Page. Once the page is created you can choose the Education category in the "Categories" tab of your wiki page project."

I would much rather they be able to click on the "Create a Wiki Page" link, and they are automatically prompted with a page creation field and that page will automatically be created in the specific category.

If you'd like to see an example of what I am talking about, see the Education category portal at http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Education

Or, there is always the possibility that my portal theory is flawed period?
Thanks for any help folks.
John M.
Just learning enough Tiki to be dangerous!