Category Object Count Turned Off Prematurely (I Feel)

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Category Object Count Turned Off Prematurely (I Feel)

I posted this on Forums but knowing the Tiki gurus hang out here more often, I thought I'd post it here, thanks for any feedback!

Awhile back I came here and stated my Category page would not open, or would take forever to open, it was suggested that I should visit Admin-Performance, and turn off Category Object Count, well I did, and it worked for sure, the page opens just fine now, but obviously there are no object counts showing.
At the Performance page, the dialogue infers that to have the Object Count on, would slow down the site for larger sites.
My site is very small, and having the Object Count turned on, still slowed or locked up the page for Categories completely.
My stats are
Total MB in gallery, 11MB
Total Files in gallery, 75
Total Article size, 22,000kb
Size of all Wiki pages, 0.07 MB

As you can see my site is very small right now, no reason for anything to be locking up with Category Object Count turned on.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.
John M.
Just learning enough Tiki to be dangerous!